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Competition Results 2017

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Table 1: Prize Winners

Competition Category Level Winner Title/Time Entry Ref. Prize Won
Speleo-OlympicsIndividualWinnerMike Waterworth01:34 Bottle of Wine and trophy to keep for one year, from Speleo-Olympics
Junior team of twoWinnerJacob Easterling and Andrew Biffin02:42 Two bottles of Wine for their parents, from Speleo-Olympics
SRT RacesMens 30m PrusikWinnerRob Middleton01:58 Wookey Hole book from BCRA
Womens 30m PrusikWinnerJess Eades02:14 Wookey Hole book from BCRA
Mens Assault CourseWinnerRob Middleton03:33 £40 voucher from Starless River
Womens Assault CourseWinnerJo White04:58 £40 voucher from Starless River
60m Tackle Bag StuffingWinnerMark Wright00:58 Tackle bag from Lyon Equipment
10m Ladder CoilingWinnerPete Hall01:53 Family admittance voucher from Dan-yr-Ogof Show Cave
Knot TyingWinnerMark Wright00:58 Mug from Hugh Penney at Hand-knitted Pottery
Overall WinnerWinnerJo White  100m SRT rope from Mark Wright Training
Club StandClub StandWinnerMendip Caving Group  The Spice of Life by Chris Howes, donated by Descent, selection of books from Moore Books, small tackle-bag from Lyon Equipment
Survey SalonArthur Butcher Award WinnerPaul Swire and Sam AllshornNorthern Caves project at northerncaves.co.uk/caves/ £100 and a framed print from BCRA
All SurveysWinnerThomas ArbenzKrem Dam / Dark Cave - Meghalaya 2017s1211Disto X310 from Leica Geosystems
Delegate Ballot for Best SurveyWinnerThomas ArbenzKrem Dam / Dark Cave - Meghalaya 2017s1211£50 from BCRA
Art SalonBest Work Showing Cavers CavingWinnerIrene HealyRodger Raines Peak Caverna1262Dales book volume 2, from BCRA
Best Work Produced DigitallyWinnerKeith EdwardsA Cave, A Pool and Eternitya1031Dales book volume 2, from BCRA
Overall WinnerWinnerRebecca VarnesNever lick the walls unless they are made of sugar of coursea1361Dales book volume 2, from BCRA and bednights at Craven Pothole
Delegate Ballot for Best ArtWinnerPete GlanvillWhat's in a namea1291Dales book volume 2, from BCRA Bednights at South Wales Caving Club
Delegate Ballot for Best CartoonWinnerJess BurkeyThe joys of being a cave modelw081The Games Goes on by Jim Eyres, donated by Descent
Video SalonJudgedWinnerKeith EdwardsHidden Earth 2017 Opening Videov1061Mini-Q40 underwater light from Custom Duo, tackle bag from Warmbac
Delegate Ballot for Best VideoWinnerPaul TaylorOtter Hole Cave 19.08.17 C02 Monitoring (With a Twist)v1021£50 voucher from Inglesport, tackle bag from Caving Supplies
Photo SalonFun ShotWinnerPaul FairmanWarmbac War 'n Peace in the Philippines 2f1092Tackle bag from Lyon Equipment
British Newcomer AwardWinnerJo WhiteTiergarten (Dachstein, Austria) Ice Formationc1304Images Below by Chris Howes, donated by Descent, and a Painting by Robin Gray
Cave Life AwardWinnerChris HowesFungus gnat larva and preyc1356Journal from TSG, and bednights at Wessex Cave Club
Delegate Ballot for Best PhotoWinnerMark Burkeyaward to photographer (see note) Bednights at Bradford Pothole Club
Monochrome Print WinnerMark BurkeyThe Stalagmite Forest. Pielkhlieng Poukm1076Original artwork by June McLucas, donated by Ceris Jones
Colour Print WinnerMark BurkeyThe pitch. Calf Holes.c1077Stained glass artworks by Pete Martin, donated by Pete Martin
Digital Image WinnerStuart GardenerBluewaterd1375Original artwork by Ceris Jones, donated by Ceris Jones
Portfolio (Premier Trophy)WinnerChris HowesPortfolio - see list below £100 from BCRA and the Premier Trophy to keep for a year. Voucher for accommodation at Chalet Arc in the Vercors

Note: Delegate Ballot for Best Photo. This year, three photos (all from Mark Burkey) tied for first place in the ballot.

Table 2: Merits and Distinctions

For the four 'Salon' competitions - Art, Video Media, Photography and Cave Survey - we award Merits and Distinctions as well as an outright winner. Winners of a Merit receive a certificate; Winners of a Distinction receive a certificate and a small memento or trophy, as do the outright winners. The following table lists the Merits and Distinctions awarded in the salons, and also the winning entries that comprised the Photo Salonm Portfolio (Premier Trophy).

Competition Category Level Winner Title/Time Entry Ref. Prize Won
Art SalonJudged Art MeritJesse WilmanCopper Waterfalla402Cert.
MeritPeter GlanvillWhat's in a name?a1291Cert.
Judged Cartoon MeritArwen  Looking for a mouse hole??Cert.
Judged Art DistinctionPete MacNabPorth yr Ogofa405Mem. & Cert.
Video SalonJudged MeritPaul TaylorOtter Hole Cave 19.08.17 C02 Monitoring (With a Twist)v1021Cert.
MeritRichard BullockBagshawe Cavernv1151Cert.
Photo SalonColour Print MeritThomas ArbenzThe Mysteries of Krem Mawpun 4c1204Cert.
MeritJeff WadeThe Star of Api, Wonder Cave, Muluc1278Cert.
Digital Image MeritMark BurkeyCalf Holes. Creepy Crawliesd1073Cert.
MeritMark BurkeySt Cuthberts, The Balconyd1077Cert.
MeritDuncan HornbyHelictites, Easter cave, Margret River, Australiad1253Cert.
MeritJeff WadeMeandre des Fourmis, Scialet du Candy, Vercorsd1272Cert.
MeritChris HowesKrem Sakwa upstream extensiond1351Cert.
MeritChris HowesFrancesco Maurano, Grotta del Parancod1353Cert.
MeritChris HowesBabel, Wind Cave, Mulud1355Cert.
MeritChris HowesMartinska jama, Sloveniad1356Cert.
Colour Print DistinctionMark BurkeyThe Rickety Bridge. Croesor Minec1071Mem. & Cert.
DistinctionMark BurkeyKingsdale Master Cavec1075Mem. & Cert.
DistinctionWilliam NixWhite Rose Chamber, Hagg Gill Pot, Langstrothdalec1137Mem. & Cert.
DistinctionWilliam NixWet going in Hagg Gill pot, Langstrothdalec1138Mem. & Cert.
Digital Image DistinctionMark BurkeyAlum Pot. The Balconyd1071Mem. & Cert.
DistinctionMark BurkeyLicanke, Surfacingd1076Mem. & Cert.
Monochrome Print DistinctionChris HowesDave Hodgson, Krem Damm1355Mem. & Cert.
Portfolio (Premier Trophy)WinnerChris HowesNew extension, upstream Krem Sakwac1351 
WinnerChris HowesMarcel Dikstra, Krem Sakwac1352 
WinnerChris HowesDave Hodgson, Krem Sakwac1353 
WinnerChris HowesJudith Calford, Krem Mawpunc1354 
WinnerChris HowesDownstream Krem Sakwac1355 

BCRA's Arthur Butcher Award

BCRA awards the Arthur Butcher prize annually for contributions to cave surveying. The judges consider projects brought to their attention during the year, as well as all surveying work that is on display at the Hidden Earth conference. The 2017 prize was awarded to Awarded to Paul Swire and Sam Allshorn for the Northen Caves Web-Site. This project, with its updateable web site, contains entrance photos and locations of caves in the North of England. There are cross-references to publications describing the discovery and exploration.

Citation by Wookey, on behalf of the judges

GPF's Tratman Award

The prestigious Tratman Award is given annually to a caving-related paper-based publication in memory of E.K. Tratman, who died in 1978, to recognise excellence and encourage future improvement. It is administered by the Ghar Parau Foundation. It both recognises excellence and encourages future improvement, and is considered one of the UK's premier national awards. It is judged by a team of independent cavers - for the 2016 award (announced at Hidden Earth in 2017) these were: Joe Duxbury, Ric Halliwell, Chris Howes, Alan Jeffreys, Martin Mills.

The 2016 award saw a departure from the established norm, in that there was no announcement made prior to the presentation at Hidden Earth in September 2017. Only then did the authors learn of the commendations and the eventual winner, which received a superb statuette of a caver bookend created by Ceris Jones. Of interest is that from within the wide range of publications and articles considered by the judges for 2016, a significant number of authors and journals have previously been commended or won the award. The final shortlist was: The Castleton Mines, Red Rose Cave and Pothole Club Journal (11), Irish Speleology (22), A Spider's Thread of Shining Silver, and Underground Archaeology. Special mention also goes to the second part of the series of books on Meghalaya, India, edited by Thomas Arbenz. Further details of this shortlist.

The winner for 2016 was difficult to determine, given the high standards involved, with the Red Rose Cave and Pothole Club Journal (11) coming out on top. The award follows in the footsteps of the club's 2010 commendation for the previous journal, and this latest publication is a very worthy winner and many congratulations go to the club and editor Ray Duffy.

Citation by Chris Howes, on behalf of the judges

Giles Barker Award

The Giles Barker Award has been jointly presented since 1993 by the Morgannwg and Red Rose caving clubs in memory of Giles, who died in a caving accident in Spain. This prestigious award is made annually to anyone connected with any aspect of cave photography, in recognition of excellence in the field. For 2017 the award went to a prolific and accomplished cave photographer who, over recent years, has produced an increasing standard of imagery and built up a superb body of work. He has gained the Premier Trophy at Hidden Earth twice, as well as winning numerous other categories, and there can be few cavers who have not seen at least one of his images in use, from Descent covers to illustrations in caving books and even to the beer mugs at this year’s Hidden Earth. Congratulations therefore go to Mark Burkey for gaining this recognition, which is so well deserved. This 25th award was made in October at Hidden Earth, this being a hand-crafted figurine of a cave photographer created by Ceris Jones.

Citation by Chris Howes, on behalf of Morgannwg and Red Rose caving clubs.

Conference Team Credits

Conference Manager - LES WILLIAMS

Conference Treasurer Dave Cooke
Conference Secretary Wendy Williams
Trade Hall Manager Hatstand with Rebecca Varns, Stu Waldren

Technical Team: Manager - LES WILLIAMS

Chris Williams, Basher Baines, Paul Wilman, Mark Williams, Josh Bratchley, Ellen Cooper, Jonathan Da Casta, Frank Tully, Wayne Starsmare, Mark Kellaway, Simon Richardson, Tim Webber, Josh White, Duncan Simey, Tony Littler, Bartek Biela, Paulina Biela, Mike Clayton, Josh Rawson, Deanne Wilkins, Dave Appleing, Des McNally, Tony Radmall, Richard Amor Wilkes, Darren Chapman.

Administration Team: Manager - WENDY WILLIAMS

Desk staff: Cheryl Lingard, Jo Diamond, Louise Biffen, Martell Baines, Rebecca Varns, Sharon Devine, Sam Drake, Jessie Wilman.
Signage: Geoff Dommett with Andy Dommett, Herman McBurgleflirkin

Events Team: Lecture Secretary - EMMA PORTER

SRT Events Mark Wright, Dave Cowley, Tom Chapman
Speleo Olympics Nigel Gower, Richard Lockwood
Opening MC John Gunn
Opening AV Keith EdwardsThe Dudley
After Dinner Speaker Martyn Farr
Disco Basher
Closing MC Goon
Closing AV Keith EdwardsThe Dudley
Closing Script and Projections Geoff Dommett, with David Gibson, Jerry Wooldridge

Competitions Team: Secretary - DAVID GIBSON

Photo Salon Co-ordinator Footleg Judges: Steve Sharp, Steve Woolven, Dave Ryall
Video Media Salon Co-ordinator Andy and Antonia Freem Judges: Pete Glanvill, Rob Eavis
Art Salon Co-ordinator Robin Gray Judges: Robin Gray, Ceris Jones, Hatstand
Surveying Salon & Arthur Butcher Award Co-ordinator Andrew Atkinson Judges: Andrew Atkinson, Tim Allen, Wookey
Pink Sheet Runner and Rosette Wrangler Sam Drake  
Vote Counters Ceris Jones, Sue Gray  
Club Stands Award Les Williams Judges: Roo Walters, Yoxz Burgers
Tratman Award Chris Howes Judges: Martin Mills, Joe Duxbury, Ric Halliwell, Chris Howes
Giles Barker Award Chris Howes Judges: Morgannwg CC, Red Rose CPC


Publicity team...

Poster Design Jerry Wooldridge
Web Site Gary Douthwaite
Programme Design Les Williams and Chris Howes

Bar Manager - DAVE KING

Bar Staff - Richard Abbott, Hilary Abbott, Ian Barker, Jane McCorquodale, Dave Tuffery, Clifford Abbott, Nick Powell, Jack Sandys, Clara Duncan, Sue Hargraves, Fiona Barker, Paul Gladman, Gareth Thompson, Amy Neal, Richard Neal.

Thanks also to the lecturers and the session chairs, and also to the traders, sponsors, and to all delegates from the UK and overseas, who all contributed to making the event a success

Staff: tab-separated data (for competitions only; late edits flagged with !!)

British Cave Research Association (UK registered charity 267828) and British Caving Association.
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