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Competition Results 2019

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Table 1: Prize Winners

Competition Category Level Winner Title/Time Entry Ref. Prize Won
Speleo-OlympicsIndividualWinnerMike Waterworth00:43 Bottle of Wine from Hidden Earth
Team of TwoWinnerMike Waterworth, Hellie Adams01:02 Bottle of Wine from Hidden Earth
JuniorWinnerGeorgia Roberts (12ys)00:58 Family admittance voucher from Dan-yr-Ogof Show Cave
Junior team of TwoWinnerGeorgia Roberts, Philip Roberts00:55 Sweets and Treats from Hidden Earth
Overall WinnerWinnerMike Waterworth00:43 Trophy to keep for one year, and a T-shirt from Hidden Earth
SRT RacesMens 17m PrusikWinnerToby Buxton00:35.8 Bednights at Bradford Pothole Club, Artwork by Ceris Jones
Womens 17m PrusikWinnerDiane Arthurs00:48.7 Bednights at Bradford Pothole Club, Artwork by Ceris Jones
Mens Assault CourseWinnerAdrian Turner06:21.8 Voucher from Starless River
Womens Assault CourseWinnerAlice Smith08.09.0 Voucher from Starless River
50m Tackle Bag StuffingWinnerJosh Bratchley00:42.4 Artwork by Ceris Jones
10m Ladder CoilingWinnerRachel Findley02:20.0 Artwork by Ceris Jones
Knot TyingWinnerJo White00:44.2 Artwork by Ceris Jones
Overall WinnerWinnerAlice Smith  50m SRT Rope from UKcaving.com
Special Mention for Tandem Prusik Cat Moody   
Club StandJudgedRunner-upSouth Wales Caving Club  A round of applause
WinnerDudley Caving Club  The Spice of Life by Chris Howes, donated by Descent, selection of books from Moore Books
Survey SalonArthur Butcher Award Not awardedno winner   
Small SurveyWinnerPetie BarryPollasumeraS341Disto X310 from Leica Geosystems, Bednights at South Wales Caving Club
Large SurveyWinnerDerek BristolLechuguilla CaveS402Disto X310 from Leica Geosystems, Bednights at South Wales Caving Club
Other WorkWinnerNat DaltonSchwarzmooskogel systemS113£50 from BCRA
Delegate Ballot for Best SurveyWinnerThomas ArbenzUamh an Claonaite and Rana HoleS061£50 from BCRA
Art SalonWorks Showing Cavers CavingWinnerHelen FaircloughFantasia on Alum PotA011Original artwork donated by Ceris Jones, Bednights at Orpheus Caving Club
Works Produced DigitallyWinnerKeith EdwardsMetamorphic RockA291Original sculpture donated by Ceris Jones, Bednights at MNRC
Overall WinnerWinnerHelen FaircloughFantasia on Alum PotA011Original artwork donated by Ceris Jones, Pottery from Hand-Knitted Pottery, Bednights at BEC
Delegate Ballot for Best ArtWinnerHelen FaircloughFantasia on Alum PotA011Original artwork donated by Ceris Jones
CartoonsNo Entriesno winner   
Video SalonJudged VideoWinnerPete GoossensForgotten HistoriesV06Tackle Bag from Aventure Verticale, Voucher from Inglesport, Bednights at Shepton Mallet Caving Club
Delegate Ballot for Best VideoWinnerPete GoossensForgotten HistoriesV06SRT rope from UKcaving.com
Photo SalonFun ShotWinnerBartek BielaCouldn't Waitf1311The Game Goes On by Jim Eyres, donated by Descent
Cave ScienceWinnerChris HowesCave centipede preying on cricketc1328£50 from BCRA, Tackle Bag from Warmbac, Bednights at Nenthead Mines Conservation Society
Monochrome PrintWinnerChris HowesGours, Xe Bang Fai, Laosm1323Tackle Bag from Lyon Equipment, Bednights at Wessex Cave Club
Colour PrintWinnerRainer StraubAltinbesik Cave, Turkeyc1053Caving harness from Aventure Verticale, Bednights at TSG
Digital Image WinnerChris HowesSkylight, Niah Caves, Malaysiad1325Tackle Bag from Caving Supplies, Bednights at Craven Pothole Club
Newcomer AwardWinnerBartek Biela  Images Below by Chris Howes, donated by Descent, a Custom Duo caving helmet, bednights at YSS
Delegate Ballot for Best PhotoWinnerChris HowesEntrance, Xe Bang Fai River Cavec1322Lancaster Hole survey and Journal from Red Rose CPC
Portfolio (Premier Trophy)WinnerChris HowesGours, Xe Bang Fai, Laosc1321£100 from BCRA and the Premier Trophy to keep for a year, Bednights at Chelsea S.S.
WinnerChris HowesEntrance, Xe Bang Fai River Cavec1322 
WinnerChris HowesKayaking, Xe Bang Fai River Cavec1323 
WinnerChris HowesSplatter formation, Tham Bing, Laosc1324 
WinnerChris HowesEntrance, Tham Bingc1325 

Table 2: Merits and Distinctions

For the four 'Salon' competitions - Art, Video Media, Photography and Surveying - we award Merits and Distinctions as well as an outright winner. Winners of a Merit receive a certificate; Winners of a Distinction receive a certificate and a small memento or trophy, as do the outright winners. The following table lists the Merits and Distinctions awarded in the salons.

Competition Category Level Winner Title/Time Entry Ref. Prize Won
Survey SalonSmall SurveyDistinctionChris ScaifeCutthroat CavernsS071Mem. & Cert.
DistinctionJo WhiteCold Air Cave, South AfricaS421Mem. & Cert.
DistinctionDiane Arthurs and Simon CornhillFuente el EscobalS261Mem. & Cert.
Large SurveyDistinctionThomas ArbenzUamh an Claonaite and Rana HoleS061Mem. & Cert.
DistinctionDerek BristolLechuguilla Cave - Far West QuadranglesS401Mem. & Cert.
DistinctionPhil RowsellGuanGuangDongS392Mem. & Cert.
Art SalonJudged ArtMeritElaine OliverBolting BergkäsehöhleA404Cert.
MeritIrene HealyPeak Cavern in FloodA361Cert.
MeritMark_(Gonzo) lumleyDiggerA181Cert.
DistinctionSam DrakeCaver CupA101Mem. & Cert.
DistinctionLucy FreemVeins of the EarthA405Mem. & Cert.
Video SalonJudged VideoMeritGary DouthwaiteCrackpot CaveV03Cert.
MeritKeith EdwardsScouts CaveV05Cert.
MeritPaul TaylorOtter Hole Cave Filming ProjectV04Cert.
DistinctionRoo WaltersSt Francis Level MineV02Mem. & Cert.
Photo SalonCave ScienceMeritMark BurkeyBatsd1131Cert.
MeritChris HowesThe event horizon, Sielkan Poukd1322Cert.
DistinctionChris HowesMicrobial colonies, Clearwater Caved1326Mem. & Cert.
Monochrome PrintMeritMark BurkeySeptember Riftm1133Cert.
MeritMark BurkeyPearlsm1136Cert.
MeritBartek BielaCaving in the Balkansm1312Cert.
MeritBartek BielaCraig A Ffynnon - South Walesm1314Cert.
MeritChris HowesScallops, Kagekiyo-do, Japanm1324Cert.
MeritBill NixPine Pitch, Pine Tree pot, Mendip Hillsm1381Cert.
DistinctionMark BurkeyThe Cheese Pressm1134Mem. & Cert.
DistinctionBartek BielaAmmonites- Caves of Portlandm1311Mem. & Cert.
DistinctionChris HowesRoof scallops and ridges, Kagekiyo-do, Japanm1325Mem. & Cert.
Colour PrintMeritRainer StraubMordloch, Germanyc1055Cert.
MeritRainer StraubColonel Salt Cave, Israelc1058Cert.
MeritMark BurkeyAlum Potc1131Cert.
MeritMark BurkeyHall of the mountain king. Craig a Ffynnonc1136Cert.
MeritMark BurkeyHaiteng Chamber. Chinac1138Cert.
MeritBartek BielaChaara cave - Moroccoc1311Cert.
MeritChris HowesSelenite Passage, OFDc1327Cert.
MeritBill NixAdmiring Flowstone formations of Ret Dung Khurc1388Cert.
MeritRainer StraubEiskogel Cave, Austriac1052Cert.
DistinctionRainer StraubBlessberg Cave, Germanyc1056Mem. & Cert.
DistinctionMark BurkeyThe Rising. Dan Yr Ogofc1135Mem. & Cert.
Digital Image MeritRainer StraubGrottte des Cavottes II, Franced1053Cert.
MeritMark BurkeyDivaska Jamad1132Cert.
MeritMark BurkeyMain Passaged1134Cert.
MeritMark BurkeyMedusa's Childrend1135Cert.
MeritJeff WadeFormations in Little Lechuguilla, Baerenscacht, CH.d1228Cert.
MeritGary DouthwaiteDow Caved1444Cert.
DistinctionRainer StraubLechuguilla Cave, USAd1051Mem. & Cert.
DistinctionMark Burkey148ft Stalactite. The Miao Roomd1136Mem. & Cert.
DistinctionChris HowesThe entrance to Sielkan Pouk, Meghalayad1321Mem. & Cert.
DistinctionGary DouthwaiteNorthern Lights, OFDd1441Mem. & Cert.

Table 3: Sponsors

List of Sponsors and the number of prizes they donated. This list is extracted from the data source for the above table

Aventure Verticale (3)
BCRA (4)
BEC (1)
Bradford Pothole Club (2)
Caving Supplies (1)
Ceris Jones (9)
Chelsea S.S. (1)
Craven Pothole Club (1)
Custom Duo (1)
Dan-yr-Ogof Show Cave (1)
Descent (3)
Hand-Knitted Pottery (1)
Hidden Earth (4)
Inglesport (2)
Leica Geosystems (2)
Lyon Equipment (1)
MNRC (1)
Moore Books (1)
Nenthead Mines Conservation Society (1)
Orpheus Caving Club (1)
Red Rose CPC (1)
Shepton Mallet Caving Club (2)
South Wales Caving Club (2)
Starless River (2)
TSG (1)
UKcaving.com (2)
Warmbac (1)
Wessex Cave Club (1)
YSS (1)

Hidden Earth's Frazer Simpson Award

The winner of the Fraser Simpson Award recieve £100 cash prize from Hidden Earth and a hand-crafted trophy to keep for a year. The award goes to Roo Walters.

Citation missing. Les Williams wrote: I guess Andy Freem ought to write some words about why it is awarded. I am happy to write something about Fraser and why we have the award if needed, The winner was Roo Waters, btu again Andy Freem will have some words as to why

BCRA's Arthur Butcher Award

BCRA awards the Arthur Butcher prize for outstanding and innovative contributions to cave surveying. The judges consider projects brought to their attention during the year, as well as all surveying work that is on display at the Hidden Earth conference. This year the judges decided not to award the prize. The award judges are now following a guideline that this award shall only be made in years where an exceptional contribution to cave surveying is brrought to the attention of the judges.

BCRA's Tratman Award for 2018

THE prestigious Tratman Award is given annually to an author for a caving-related, paper-based publication in memory of E.K. Tratman, who died in 1978, to recognise excellence and encourage future improvement - it is considered one of the UK's premier national awards. The Tratman Award is judged by a team of independent cavers - for 2018 these were: Joe Duxbury, Ric Halliwell, Alan Jeffreys and Martin Mills, with additional input from other cavers. The judging takes into account not only the standard of writing and the information presented to cavers, but also factors such as the publication's layout, print quality, binding and other factors. This produced a shortlist:

Any author achieving a commendation here should be justifiably proud. Of these, the judges deliberated for many hours over which should be declared the winner, in the end the unanimous decision going to Tom Foord, the result being announced at Hidden Earth. Congratulations to Tom, who won a specially crafted trophy made by Ceris Jones that he will retain as a reminder of his achievement.

Citation by Alan Jeffreys, on behalf of the judges

Giles Barker Award

Giles Barker lost his life while caving in Spain in 1992. An accomplished cave photographer, Giles was a member of the Red Rose CPC and Morgannwg CC. These clubs have annually, since 1993, funded the Giles Barker Award in his memory. This prestigious award – a hand-crafted statue of a cave photographer made by Ceris Jones – is given to a person or team connected with any aspect of cave photography in recognition of excellence and contributions to the field.

The award for 2019, the 27th in the series, was presented during the Hidden Earth conference in Wrexham and goes to Jeff Wade. Jeff has, over a decade or more, demonstrated a consistent body of work – he first won an award in the Hidden Earth Photo Salon in 2009 with a distinction for a colour print, and has subsequently gained numerous distinction and merit awards in both print and digital categories, proving a broad spectrum of ability, culminating in taking the top Premier Trophy in 2018. He has shown his photographic proficiency in challenging conditions in a huge range of locations from the Peak District to deep Alpine caves, with expedition caving from Europe to China, Mulu to Georgia, not only with his own camera but also helping others. Congratulations go to Jeff for his work and this significant award.

Citation by Chris Howes, on behalf of Morgannwg CC and Red Rose CPC.

Conference Team Credits

Conference Manager - LES WILLIAMS

Conference Treasurer David Gough
Conference Secretary Wendy Williams
Trade Hall Manager Hatstand with Stu Waldren, Jed Waldren

Technical Team: Manager - LES WILLIAMS

Alistair Smith, Andy Morse, Badger, Bartek Biela, Basher, Buddy, Chris Williams, Dave Appleing, Dave Tuffery, David Cooke, Ellen Cooper, Emma Porter, Firas Fayad, Frank Tully, Graham Smith, Joe Watkiss, Josh Bratchley, Josh Rowson, Michael Waterworth, Mike Clayton, Paula Grgich-Warke, Paulina Biela, Simon Richardson, Tim Webber, Tom Howard, Tony Littler, Zeina Yehya.

Administration Team: Manager - WENDY WILLIAMS

Desk team: Charlotte Meakin, Cheryl Lingard, Emma Richardson, Hannah Carmichael, Martell Baines, Pam Welfare, Sam Drake
Signage: Geoff Dommett with Andy Dommett, Herman McBurgleflirkin.

Events Team: Lecture Secretary - GARY DOUTHWAITE

SRT Events Mark Wright with Dade Cowley, Paul Dyson
Speleo Olympics Andrea Roberts
Opening MC John Gunn
Opening AV Keith Edwards
After Dinner Speaker Pete Glanvill
Closing MC Alan Jeffreys
Closing AV Peter Goossens (Forgottten Histories)
Closing Script and Projections Geoff Dommett, with David Gibson, Jerry Wooldridge, Martell Baines

Competitions Team: Secretary - DAVID GIBSON

Photo Salon Co-ordinator Paul Wilman Judges: Charlotte Meakin, Derek Bristol, Brendan Marris
Video Media Salon Co-ordinator Andy and Antonia Freem Judges: Andy Freem, Rob Franklin, Sid Perou
Art Salon Co-ordinator Ceris Jones Judges: Ceris Jones, Hatstand, Buddy
Surveying Salon Andrew Atkinson Judges: Andrew Atkinson, Wookey
Pink Sheet Runner and Rosette Wrangler Sam Drake  
Vote Counters Ceris Jones, Hatstand, Buddy, Pam Welfare  
Club Stands Award Les Williams Judges: Thomas Arbenz, Hazel Barton
Tratman Award Chris Howes Judges: Joe Duxbury, Ric Halliwell, Alan Jeffreys, Martin Mills
Giles Barker Award Chris Howes Judges: Morgannwg CC, Red Rose CPC


Assisted by Martell Baines

Publicity team...

Poster, Flyer and Beaker Design Jerry Wooldridge
Web Site Gary Douthwaite
Programme Design Tony King

Bar Manager - DAVE KING

Bar Team - Cliff Abbott, Darrel Instrell, Gary Sandys, Hilary Abbott, Jane McCorquodale, Nick Powell, Paul Gladman, Pete Slade, Richard Abbott.

Thanks also to the lecturers and the session chairs, and also to the traders, sponsors, and to all delegates from the UK and overseas, who all contributed to making the event a success

Staff: tab-separated data (for competitions only)

British Cave Research Association (UK registered charity 267828) and British Caving Association.
The Old Methodist Chapel, Great Hucklow, BUXTON, SK17 8RG
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