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Competition Winners 2012

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This is a list of prize-winners at Hidden Earth 2012. The three 'salons' - Art, Video Media and Photography - feature the concept of 'distinctions' and 'merits' instead of second and third prizes. The First Prize winners and the winners of a Distinction will receive a small memento. All the salon winners will receive a certificate. Mementos and certificates will be posted as soon as possible.

Competition Category Level Winner Title/Time Prize Won
Speleo Olympics Solo Entry   Alex Barter 1m 20s A box of chocolates from Speleo Olympics
Fastest Mixed Team   Mandy Fu and Ross Hemsley 1m 35s a round of applause
Winner   Alex Barter and Jed Waldren 1m 31s A trophy to keep for one year, plus a bottle of champagne. Sponsored by SpeleoOlympics
Badge Draw     Steve Jones   Free entry to Hidden Earth 2013
SRT Races Mens 30m Prusik   Mark Sims 50s 30m of rope from Total Access
Womens 30m Prusik   Rosie Hadfield 1m 54s 30m of rope from Inglesport
Mens Assault Course   Henry Rockcliffe 2m 19s 10 bednights at Bull Pot Farm from Red Rose CPC, and a discount voucher from Beast Products
Womens Assault Course   Mandy Fu 3m 50s 10 bednights at The Dump, c/o Bradford Pothole Club, and a discount voucher from Beast Products
60m Tackle Bag Stuffing   Mark Wright 27s 6 bednights at Upper Pitts c/o Wessex Cave Club, and a packet of Sporks from Lyon Equipment
Mens 10m Ladder Climb   Jeff Wade 20s Harness from Starless River
Womens 10m Ladder Climb   Ally Brook 22s Harness from Total Access
Knot Tying   Mark Wright 41s 6 bednights at the Yorkshire Subterranean Society Schoolhouse and two breakfast vouchers from Bernies
Overall Winner Jeff Wade SRT kit from Mark Wright Training
Art Salon Delegate Ballot for Best Art   Paul Horner Log Pot box of Caran D'ache soft pastels from Jakar International
Delegate Ballot for Best Cartoon   Kevin Dixon Cave Exploration with a 3D Laser via GG to Mulu Folder with paper brushes and pastels from Robin Gray Artworks
St Cuthbert's Mill Prize for Best Art on Paper   Mark (Gonzo) Lumley Hidden Earth 1 Pack of St Cuthbert's Mill Paper
Judged Art Category Merit Irene Healy Roger Rain's House certificate
Judged Art Category Merit David Mills Back and Foot certificate
Judged Art Category Distinction Ian (Slug) Gregory The Explorer memento and certificate
Judged Art Category Distinction Paul Horner Log Pot memento and certificate
Judged Art Category Winner Barry Hulatt The Mendip Guyser Pad and coloured pencils from the Cumberland Pencil Company
Club Stand   Runner-up Association of Scout Caving Teams   a round of applause
  Winner Bradford Pothole Club   10 person weekend and a cave survey from South Wales Caving Club, and two family tickets to Dan-yr-Ogof show cave.
Closed Loop Surveying Runner-up   Jenny Corrin, and James Carlisle 0.51% a round of applause
Runner-up   Laura Bennett, and Chuck Holder 0.44% a round of applause
Winner   Mandy Fu, and Ross Hemsley 0.35% 50m rope (Caving Supplies), tackle sac (Cave Climb), and a discount voucher from Beast Products
BCRA's Arthur Butcher Award Details     Andrew Atkinson   £100 cheque from BCRA plus the trophy to keep for one year
GPF's Tratman Award 2011 Details     Alan Jeffreys Decades in the Dark Original artwork by Gonzo
Giles Barker Award Details     David Webb   Original sculpture by Ceris Jones
Video Media Salon   Merit Mark Sims YUCPC: This is what we do certificate
  Winner Chris Jewell One Year (HE12 Opening Ceremony) Waterproof holdall and an Aquapac i-pad case from Lyon Equipment
Photo Salon Fun Shot     Insufficient Entries Free entry to Hidden Earth 2013
Digital Image Category Merit Robbie Shone Crossing the Entrance Lake in Grotte de Gournier certificate
Digital Image Category Merit Laura Brown Bart in Llygad Llwchwr 2 certificate
Digital Image Category Merit Laura Brown Puiselet Sand Quarry certificate
Digital Image Category Merit Radoslav Husak Untitled 2 certificate
Digital Image Category Distinction Robbie Shone Engaged to be Married memento and certificate
Digital Image Category Distinction Chris Howes Judith Calford, Aven des Crozes memento and certificate
Digital Image Category Distinction Radoslav Husak Untitled 1 memento and certificate
Digital Image Category Winner Robbie Shone A Bit of Warmth in a Cold Place 8 bednights at the Craven Pothole Club and a dive light from ISCA Outdoors
Monochrome Print Category Merit Nicky Bayley The Drainpipe, Krem Labit Kseh certificate
Monochrome Print Category Merit Chris Howes Stalactite, Grotte de Pousselières certificate
Monochrome Print Category Distinction Paul Dold The Squeeze into Aldermaston Chamber, Range Hole memento and certificate
Monochrome Print Category Distinction Nicky Bayley Cloud Gazing in DYO memento and certificate
Monochrome Print Category Winner Chris Howes Judith Calford, Grotte de Pousselières 6 bednights with Orpheus Caving Club and a Petzl light from Lyon Equipment
Colour Print Category Merit Paul Dold The Splendour of Manor Farm, Curtain Chamber certificate
Colour Print Category Merit Gary Douthwaite Marble Steps Pot certificate
Colour Print Category Merit Chris Howes Mexican Free-tailed bats in flight, Bracken Cave certificate
Colour Print Category Merit Nicky Bayley Yellow Wellies in OFD1 certificate
Colour Print Category Merit Dave Ryall Tinkle Tubes, Boreham Cave certificate
Colour Print Category Distinction Robbie Shone Entering the Gouffre Berger memento and certificate
Colour Print Category Distinction Jeff Wade Straw Passage, Baerenschacht, Switzerland memento and certificate
Colour Print Category Winner Robbie Shone An Icy Cold Swim, 1122m down in the Pseudo Siphon Petzl Pixa 3 from Hitch 'n' Hike and a mug from Handknitted Pottery
Cave Life Award Winner Paul Dold Greater Horseshoe Bat Tackle bag and waterproof first aid kit from Lyon Equipment, and a Kindle bag from Butterfly Bags
Moore Books Competition Second Prize Jeff Wade Old Engine Shaft, Deep Level, Coniston £20 of books from Moore Books
Moore Books Competition Winner Paul Dold Collapsed Crane, Swan Mine, Near Bathford £80 of books from Moore Books
British Newcomer Award   Nicky Bayley   A copy of Images Below from Descent, a voucher for a Firefly slave unit from Firefly and 7 nights for two people Chalet Arc's Riders Hostel
Delegate Ballot for Best Photo   Martin (Basher) Baines Mud Hall, Gaping Gill, painted with 1 Kilowatt of video light Tackle bag from Total Access
Premier Trophy   Chris Howes portfolio  £100 from BCRA and the trophy to keep for one year

BCRA's Arthur Butcher Award

BCRA awards the Arthur Butcher prize annually for contributions to cave surveying. The judges consider projects brought to their attention during the year, as well as all surveying work that is on display at the Hidden Earth conference.

Arthur Butcher Award 2012: This year the award goes to Andrew Atkinson for furthering the long-term success of UK Cave Surveying via his courses on paperless surveying, and for his work in setting up the BCA cave surveying data archive. Andrew receives the Arthur Butcher trophy to keep for one year and £100 cash from BCRA.

Citation by Wookey, on behalf of the judges Kevin Dixon, Anthony Day and John Stevens.

GPF's Tratman Award

The prestigious Tratman Award is awarded annually to a caving-related paper-based publication in memory of E.K. Tratman, who died in 1978, to recognise excellence and encourage future improvement. It is administered by the Ghar Parau Foundation, but is judged under newly clarified rules by three independent cavers.

Tratman Award 2011: The Tratman Award is presented to the author of the best caving-related publication of the year, being judged by three independent cavers who make a recommendation for the award to the Ghar Parau Foundation, which funds the award. The judges for 2011 were Ric Halliwell, Chris Howes and Martin Mills, who also sought opinion from a wider readership. Both books and club journals were considered and a shortlist was produced for further discussion. In alphabetical order of author or editor, the titles were:

After much deliberation, from among these commended publications the judges unanimously decided that the 2011 Tratman Award should go to Decades in the Dark. In reaching their decision, the judges noted that it contains a high volume of material written specifically for the publication (rather than only reprinting past articles), it is liberally scattered with photographs and the text is interesting and readable (this publication is far more than a chronology).

Congratulations therefore go to Alan 'Goon' Jeffreys and his team from the Grampian SG. All entries in the shortlist should note the prestige that is conferred here, though there can only be one winner. The award itself is a piece of original artwork by Mark 'Gonzo' Lumley, which will be presented at Hidden Earth 2012.

Citation by Chris Howes, on behalf of the judges, Ric Halliwell, Chris Howes, Martin Mills

Giles Barker Award

Giles Barker lost his life while caving in Spain in 1992. An accomplished cave photographer, Giles was a member of the Red Rose CPC and Morgannwg CC. These clubs have annually, since 1993, funded the Giles Barker Award in his memory. This prestigious award is given to a person connected with any aspect of cave photography in recognition of his or her excellence and contributions to the field.

Giles Barker Award 2012: The 2012 award was announced at the Hidden Earth meeting in September and, after a gap of six years, the subject of underground films returns to the fore. Dave Webb has been involved with the medium for over twenty years, variously making films to a consistently high standard, helping to judge the Hidden Earth video salon (which he has also won), sharing his knowledge through teaching at workshops and always entertaining others with exceptional film shows. He is particularly recognised for his documentaries To Titan from the Top, concerning the discovery of Titan, and Fight for Life about the tragic loss of Neil Moss in Peak Cavern. Dave was also recently appointed as the guardian of the 1960s film The Underground Journey, conserving it for future generations.

Dave's prolific output at such a high quality makes him an entirely appropriate recipient of this twentieth Giles Barker Award, recognised with a hand-crafted statue of a cave photographer made by Ceris Jones.

Citation by Chris Howes, on behalf of Morgannwg CC and Red Rose CPC

Judges' Feedback

Art Salon Sadly, the exhibition was smaller this year but the exhibitors are to be congratulated for the superb variety of work, which included 'found' items, etching with metal and laser, sculptures of many types as well as conventional work.
Club Stand The Scout stand was very well presented, and a close-run 2nd place. There was a lot going on on the stand, and the judges felt that it was important to promote caving to young people. The Bradford's stand was, again, very well presented and obviously a lot of work had gone into the stand.
Closed Loop Surveying The five teams surveyed a short course around the camp site. All achieved a misclosure error of less than 1.5%
BCRA's Arthur Butcher Award See citation above
GPF's Tratman Award 2011 See citation above
Giles Barker Award See citation above
Video Media Salon A comment on each of the four entries will be written as soon as possible. INSERT
Photo Salon Main Salon: It was good to see so many newcomers this year. Unfortunately we cannot give awards to everyone, but there is a lot of promise and all the entries were to a very high standard.
Moore Books: The more natural lighting of the winning shot stood out. There were only a few entries this year.

Conference Team Credits

Conference Manager - LES WILLIAMS

Conference Secretary David Judson
Conference Treasurer Dave Cooke
Trade Hall Manager Hat Stand
Event Signage Geoff Dommett and The Doug

Technical Team Manager - LES WILLIAMS
with Alistair Smith, Andy Morse, Badger, Bartek Biela, Basher, Ben Wright, Chris Williams, Dave Appleing, Faye Litherland, Frank Tully, Fraser Simpson, Gary Cullen, Helen Dear, Jed Waldren, Mark Kellaway, Matt Jones, Mike Clayton, Paul Wilman, Pauline Biela, Sam Drake, Simon Richardson, Stu Waldren, Tim Webber, Tom Thomson

Administration Team Manager - WENDY WILLIAMS
with Jo Diamond, Wendy Bollard, Lou Biffin, Natalie Ashford, Martell Linsdell, Sarah McPhee

Events Team: Lecture Secretary - EMMA PORTER

SRT Events Mark Wright
Speleo Olympics Nigel Gower , assisted by Michael Waterworth
Opening MC Andy Eavis
Opening AV Chris Jewell
After Dinner Speaker Harry Long
Closing MC Goon & Andy Eavis
Closing AV Chris Binding
Closing Script and Projections Geoff Dommett, with Paul Dold, Footleg, David Gibson, Jerry Wooldridge

Competitions Team: Secretary - DAVID GIBSON

Photo Salon Co-ordinators Footleg, Paul Dold Judges: Rob Eavis, Mark Shinwell, Brendan Marris, Hugh Penney
Video Media Co-ordinator David Gibson Judges: Paul Dold, Rob Eavis, Glenn Jones
Art Salon Co-ordinators Robin Gray Judges: Robin Gray, Sue Gray, Wolf Anning
Surveying Competition Juan Corrin  
Club Stands Award Les Williams Judges: Harry Long, Zdenek Motycka
Arthur Butcher Award Wookey Judges: Kevin Dixon, Anthony Day, John Stevens
Tratman Award Chris Howes Judges: Ric Halliwell, Chris Howes, Martin Mills
Giles Barker Award Chris Howes Judges: Morgannwg CC, Red Rose CPC
Moore Books competition Mike Moore Judged by Mike Moore.

Sponsorship & Publicity - ELSIE LITTLE, KAY EASTON

Publicity Maxine Bateman
Poster Design Jerry Wooldridge
Flyer Design & Web Site David Gibson
Programme Design Paul Mann

Bar Manager - DAVE KING
Bar Staff - Amy Burchell, Darrel Instrell, Dave (Angus) Bell, Dave (Droid) Drury, Dave Tuffery, Gareth Thompson, Gordon Waldie, John Forder, Miranda Forder, Nick Powell, Paul Gladman, Pete Slade, Richard (Spike) Neal, Sue Hargraves

Site Team Liaison - LES WILLIAMS
Thanks to the Site Staff - Dionne, Janet, Geoff & Ian; and to Michael & The Catering Team

Thanks also to the lecturers and the session chairs, and also to the traders, sponsors, and to all delegates from the UK and overseas, who all contributed to making the event a success

British Cave Research Association (UK registered charity 267828) and British Caving Association.
The Old Methodist Chapel, Great Hucklow, BUXTON, SK17 8RG
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