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Competition Winners 2011

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This is a list of prize-winners at Hidden Earth 2011. The three 'salons' - Art, Video Media and Photography - feature the concept of 'distinctions' and 'merits' instead of second and third prizes. The First Prize winners and the winners of a Distinction received a small memento. All the salon winners will receive a certificate.

Competition Category Level Winner Title/Time Prize Won
Speleo Olympics Fastest Mixed Team   James Collings and Grace Stewart 2m 29s a round of applause
Fastest Womens Team   Ellie Sharples and Katie Dent 2m 30s a round of applause
Winner   Henry Patton and Rich Smith 1m 51s the trophy to keep for one year, plus a bottle of champagne. Also a mobile phone bag from Butterfly Bags
Badge Draw     Justin Roberts   free entry to Hidden Earth 2012
Scurion Draw     Tony Radmall   a Scurion lamp
SRT Races Mens 30m Prusik   Mark Sims 48.6s tackle sack from Cave Climb
Womens 30m Prusik   Rosie Hadfield 2m 03.5s Croll and chest strap from Lyon Equipment
Mens Assault Course   Rob Eavis 8m 10s 10 nights at Bull Pot farm from Red Rose CPC
Womens Assault Course   Rosie Hadfield 7m 44s £40 voucher from Isca Outdoor
60m Tackle Bag Stuffing   Mark Wright 24.2s Tackle bag from Beast Products
Mens 10m Ladder Climb   Simon Richardson 19.1s 12 bednights at Orpheus CC cottage and five free visits to Peak Cavern
Womens 10m Ladder Climb   Rosie Hadfield 22.1s 6 bednights at Wessex CC Cottage and 2 adventure caving trips at Cheddar Caves
Knot Tying   Mark Wright 54.5s fleece jacket from Shipshape
Overall Winner   Rosie Hadfield   SRT kit from Mark Wright Training
Art Salon Delegate Ballot for Best Art   Pete Martin Two French Heroes Derwent pencil set from the Cumberland Pencil Company
Delegate Ballot for Best Cartoon   Dennis Jump Where Cavers Go for the Winter folder with paper, mounts and ink from Robin Gray Artworks
Delegate Ballot for Best T-Shirt   Buttered Badger Potholing Club   a 10 person weekend at South Wales Caving Club and two family tickets to Dan yr Ogof Show Cave
St Cuthbert's Mill Prize for Best Art on Paper   Mark (Gonzo) Lumley Cave Diver 9 (Pastel and acrylic on paper, from a photo by Gavin Newman) Pack of paper from St Cuthbert's Mill
Judged Art Category Merit Irene Healy Entrance to Lost John (Acrylic) certificate
Judged Art Category Merit Catherine Gray A Different Perspective (Mounted ceramics) certificate
Judged Art Category Distinction Pete Martin Two French Heroes (Caen stone) memento and certificate
Judged Art Category Distinction Mark (Gonzo) Lumley Cave Diver 9 (Pastel and Acrylic on paper, from a photo by Gavin Newman) memento and certificate
Judged Art Category Winner Maggie Williamson Gaping Gill (Charcoal) Water soluble ink pencils from Jakar International Ltd
Club Stand Winner   South Wales Caving club   20 bednights at Bradford Pothole club and £20 vocher from Bernies
Closed Loop Surveying Runner-up   Laura Bennett and Chuck Holder misclosure error of 3.6% a round of applause
Runner-up   Matt Ewles and Gary Douthwaite misclosure error of 2.25% a round of applause
Winner   Mike Topsom and Ross Namaghi misclosure error of 0.67% Tackle bag with 40 metres of rope from Total Access & £20 voucher from Inglesport
BCRA's Arthur Butcher Award Details     Kevin Dixon   £100 cheque from BCRA plus the trophy to keep for one year
GPF's Tratman Award 2009 Details     Juan Corrin and Peter Smith Matienzo original artwork by Gonzo
GPF's Tratman Award 2010 Details     Jim Hanwell, Duncan Price and Richard Witcombe Wookey Hole original artwork by Gonzo
Giles Barker Award Details     Brendan Marris   original sculpture by Ceris Jones
Video Media Salon   Merit Mark Sims YUCPC Berger 2011 certificate
  Merit Steve Sharp Scurion certificate
  Distinction Chris Binding Hidden Earth 2011 (opening ceremony) memento and certificate
  Distinction Chris Jewell Wear Sunscreen (Rebreather exploration and cave diving in Spain) memento and certificate
  Winner Rob Eavis untitled Petzl Harness from Lyon Equipment
Photo Salon Fun Shot   Mark (Gonzo) Lumley I can see the head but youre going to need an epidural... £20 of vouchers for Bernie's Caving shop & Tackle Sack from Lyon Equipment
Digital Image Category Merit Paul Dold The Cheese Press, Lower Long Churn Cave certificate
Digital Image Category Merit Chris Howes OFD1 Passage certificate
Digital Image Category Merit Chris Howes Formations, Aven des Crozes certificate
Digital Image Category Distinction Chris Howes Judith Calford, OFD1 Streamway memento and certificate
Digital Image Category Distinction Robbie Shone Spider Troglophile, Deer Cave, Mulu memento and certificate
Digital Image Category Distinction Robbie Shone The Mighty Sarawak Chamber, Mulu memento and certificate
Digital Image Category Winner Robbie Shone Escaping a Maelstrom, Boxhead Pot 50 metres of rope from Starless River & calendar from Speleo Projects
Monochrome Print Category Merit Pete Glanvill Crimson Hill Canal Tunnel, Taunton certificate
Monochrome Print Category Distinction Tom Elliot Hearts of Olden Glory, Ogof Draenen memento and certificate
Monochrome Print Category Winner Pete Glanvill Kate Janossy in Meghalaya Petzl Headlight from Starless River & calendar from Speleo Projects
Colour Print Category Merit Rob Eavis River Cave Rift, Albania certificate
Colour Print Category Merit Paul Dold Pete Bradford in the lavatory pan certificate
Colour Print Category Merit Steve Sharp Big Shack, Cwm Dwr, OFD certificate
Colour Print Category Distinction Paul (Footleg) Fretwell Rimstone Floor, Sima de los Hoyos, Matienzo memento and certificate
Colour Print Category Distinction Chris Howes Judith Calford in Grotte de l'Ascension memento and certificate
Colour Print Category Winner Chris Howes Passage roof, Sources de la Douch Pisca 3 caving light from Hitch n Hike & calendar from Speleo Projects
Cave Life Award Winner Robbie Shone Spider Troglophile, Deer Cave, Mulu Fenix HP 11 light from Caving Supplies & calendar from Speleo Projects
Moore Books Competition Second Prize Pete Glanvill Crimson Hill Canal Tunnel, Taunton £20 of books from Moore Books
Moore Books Competition Winner Tom Thomson Rust and Wonder in Devon Great Consols Mine £80 of books from Moore Books
British Newcomer Award   Martin (Basher) Baines (portfolio) a copy of Images Below from Descent and a voucher for a Firefly slave unit
Delegate Ballot for Best Photo   Mark Shinwell Cabrespine tackle sack from Hidden Earth
Premier Trophy   Mark Shinwell South of France tackle bag with 50m rope from Total Access, and BCRA's trophy to keep for a year.

BCRA's Arthur Butcher Award

BCRA awards the Arthur Butcher prize annually for contributions to cave surveying. The judges consider projects brought to their attention during the year, as well as all surveying work that is on display at the Hidden Earth conference. This year the award goes to Kevin Dixon and the Mulu Team for the Lidar Survey of Sarawak Chamber. This project involved an impressive combination of several factors: dedication to the subject, enormous hard work on the ground, publication of high-quality results, and the marshalling of an impressive budget. The work was not directed at new exploration, but has produced results with huge and lasting public-relations value, which is important outside the caving community as well as within it. Kevin receives the Arthur Butcher trophy to keep for one year. He has asked that the £100 cash prize from BCRA be donated to the Mulu expedition.

Citation by Wookey, on behalf of the judges Wookey, Ed Waters, Julian Todd

GPF's Tratman Award

The prestigious Tratman Award is awarded annually to a caving-related paper-based publication in memory of E.K. Tratman, who died in 1978, to recognise excellence and encourage future improvement. It is administered by the Ghar Parau Foundation, but is judged under newly clarified rules by three independent cavers - for 2010 these were Chris Howes, Alan Jeffreys and Martin Mills.

The judges considered a wide range of publications, including both books and club journals. From among the many the final shortlist became: Matienzo, edited by Juan Corrin and Peter Smith, this being an amazingly packed book devoted to the exploration of this area of Spain and including maps and data on CD-ROM, Is That So? , compiled and edited by Rob Taviner in support of the Mendip Cave Registry and Archive, Wookey Hole by Jim Hanwell, Duncan Price and Richard Witcombe, being both a superb book as well as a club-based publication, and the Red Rose CPC Journal (10) edited by Paul Swire.

It is worth noting that although the latter journal bears a 2009 imprint, its publication was delayed until 2010 and thus it was eligible for consideration this year. It is an excellent example of a general rise in production quality of club journals, both in design and printing, which the judges noted across the board and which we hope will continue.

All these titles are therefore commended but the final decision to decide upon a winner was, it must be stressed, an extremely difficult and close one to make with Matienzo and Wookey Hole competing for the award. Thankfully, as there was no award made in 2009, the Ghar Parau Foundation committee offered to support two prizes in 2010, so both editorial teams were asked to accept awards at Hidden Earth in September, on behalf of the many cavers who had input into the respective projects. Congratulations go to all involved.

Citation by Chris Howes, on behalf of the judges, Chris Howes, Alan Jeffreys and Martin Mills

Giles Barker Award

Giles Barker lost his life while caving in Spain in 1992. An accomplished cave photographer, Giles was a member of the Red Rose CPC and Morgannwg CC. These clubs have annually, since 1993, funded and presented the Giles Barker Award in his memory. The annual award is made to a cave photographer in recognition of excellence in any aspect of cave photography and is announced at Hidden Earth each September. For 2011 the award, a hand-crafted statue of a cave photographer made by Ceris Jones, goes to Brendan Marris. Brendan has become known for a consistently high standard of underground photography and, since 2008, publishing regular updates on his website at ogof.org.uk. As part of a personal online project, he is documenting the caves of South Wales, logging the results against digital maps. Both the quality of his work and his comprehensive approach make Brendan a worthy winner.

Citation by Chris Howes, on behalf of Morgannwg CC and Red Rose CPC

Conference Team Credits

Conference Manager - LES WILLIAMS

Conference Secretary David Judson
Conference Treasurer Dave Cooke
Trade Hall Manager Hat Stand
Event Signage Geoff Dommett and The Doug

Technical Team Manager - LES WILLIAMS
with Dave Appleing, Basher, Bean, Buddy, Mike Clayton, Claire Cohen, James Collings, Paul Dold, Firas Fayad, Cave Ferret, Mark Helmore, Mark Kellaway, Tony Littler, Andy Morse, Mike Peters, Simon Richardson, Dean Scott, Fraser Simpson, Slug, Ian Timney, Frank Tully, Stu Waldren, Jed Waldren, Tim Watts, Tim Webber, Chris Williams

Administration Team Manager - WENDY WILLIAMS
with Lou Biffin, Wendy Bollard, Jo Diamond, Martell Linsdell, Sarah McPhee, Grace Stewart, Becky Varns, Sarah Watts, Jenny Williams.

Events Team: Lecture Secretary - EMMA PORTER

SRT Events Mark Wright
Speleo Olympics Lee Hawkswell and Nigel Gower
Opening MC Andy Eavis
Opening AV Chris Binding
After Dinner Speaker Noel Dilly
Closing MC Goon
Closing AV Steve Sharp
Closing Script and Projections Geoff Dommett, with Paul Dold, Footleg, David Gibson, Jerry Wooldridge

Competitions Team: Secretary - JACKY ANKERMAN

Photo Salon Co-ordinators Footleg, Paul Dold, David Gibson. Judges: Dave Checkley, Hugh Penney, Jerry Wooldridge
Video Media Co-ordinator David Gibson. Judges: Martin (Basher) Baines, Glenn Jones, Dave Ryall
Art Salon Co-ordinators Robin Gray, Ceris Jones. Judges: Pete Glanvill, Ceris Jones, Jerry Wooldridge
Surveying Competition Juan Corrin.  
Club Stands Award Jacky Ankerman. Judges: Dave Checkley and conference delegate Damian Grindley
Arthur Butcher Award Wookey. Judges: Wookey, Ed Waters, Julian Todd
Tratman Award Chris Howes. Judges: Chris Howes, Alan Jeffreys, Martin Mills
Giles Barker Award Chris Howes. Judges: Morgannwg CC, Red Rose CPC
Moore Books competition Mike Moore. Judges: Kelvin Lake, Steve Holding

Sponsorship & Publicity - ELSIE LITTLE, KAY EASTON

Publicity Maxine Bateman
Poster Design Jerry Wooldridge
Flyer Design & Web Site David Gibson
Programme Design Paul Mann

Bar Manager - ANDY CULVER
Bar Staff - Sue, Paul, Jane, Mushroom, Dave, Hamish, Spike, Amy, Angus, Gareth. Aided by Tony & Tufty

Site Team Liaison - DAVE JUDSON
Leisure Centre Staff - Andrew Jones & his Team
Catering Staff - Faith Jones, Josse Worgan and their Team

Thanks also to the lecturers and the session chairs, and also to the traders, sponsors, and to all delegates from the UK and overseas, who all contributed to making the event a success

British Cave Research Association (UK registered charity 267828) and British Caving Association.
The Old Methodist Chapel, Great Hucklow, BUXTON, SK17 8RG
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