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Competition Winners 2008

The table below lists the winners of the 'salon' competitions only (Art, Photography and Video). For a complete list of credits please download the PDF file: 2008 prizewinners (PDF).

Competition Category Level Winner Title/Time Prize Won
Art Salon Delegate Ballot for Best Art Winner Mark Lumley (Gonzo) Big Chamber pitch, Daren Cilau set of Derwent coloursoft pencils and pencil wrap (Derwent)
Delegate Ballot for Best Cartoon Winner Doug Lawrence Lampfish folio case and and drawing equipment (Robin Gray Art Works)
Delegate Ballot for Best T-Shirt Winner Deanne Wilkins and Emma Porter So why the *@!# do I go caving? 6 bednights at Upper Pitts (Wessex Cave Club)
St Cuthbert's Mill Prize for Best Art on Paper   Rhian Kendall An illustration for the new edition of the Complete Caving Manual (Watercolour) £65 voucher for St Cuthberts Mill watercolour paper (St. Cuthberts Mill)
Judged Art Third Prize Pete McNab Oparara Arch (Wax Encaustic) year's subscription to Artists and Illustrators magazine. (Artists and Illustrators magazine)
Second Prize Robin Gray In search of a new way (Oil Pastel) set of Caran d'Ache watercolour crayons (Jakar International)
First Prize Pete Martin Fragments (Plaster casts from carved Bath stone originals) set of Caran d'Ache pastels. (Jakar International)
Video Media Salon Distinction   Steve Sharp Daren Cilau (short version) (DVD video) calendar (Speleo Projects)
Joint First Prize   Paul Fretwell & Paul Dold Welcome to Hidden Earth 2008 (AV sequence with video clip) waterproof zipper holdall (Lyon Equipment) and £50 voucher (Total Access)
Joint First Prize   Imogen Furlong Under Shnongrim (DVD video) Waterproof zipper holdall (Lyon Equip.)
Photo Salon British Newcomer Award Winner Stuart Gardiner work entered in Photo Salon book, Images Below (Wild Places Publishing) and slave unit (Firefly Electronics)
Cave Life Award Winner Andy Rumming Beautiful Demoiselle: damselfly colonised by fungus £50 cash
Fun Shot Winner John Forder Oh my God, it's Even Bigger than XXXXX'S! Fleece jacket (Shipshape), Dinner and B&B for 2 at the Hard Rock Café (Daren Diggers)
Moore Books Competition Third Prize Gary Douthwaite The Crane, Swan Mine certificate only
Second Prize Tim Guilford Stemples, Coniston Copper Mine £20 voucher from Moore Books
Winner Barry Hill Unstable timbers in silica mine £100 voucher from Moore Books
Projected Image Merit John Forder Gaping Gill Main Chamber certificate only
Merit Ben Lovett Lou Maurice under a Waterfall in Haciendas Salinas certificate only
Merit Ben Lovett Tim Guilford filming in Haciendas Salinas certificate only
Distinction Ben Lovett Simon Headford in Sump of Doom Series Speleo Projects calendar
Winner Ben Lovett Lou Maurice in White Rhino Rift voucher for £50 (Jessops)
Colour Print Distinction Hugh Penney Liat Prah, Meghalaya Speleo Projects calendar
Distinction Hugh Penney Shynrong Shrieh Streamway, Meghalaya Speleo Projects calendar
Distinction Dave Ryall Pat Cronin, Poulnagollum, Co. Clare Speleo Projects calendar
Winner Paul Fretwell Straw Curtains, Cueva Llueva, Matienzo voucher for £50 (Jessops)
Monochrome Print Winner Rob Eavis Sam Townsend in the Full Moon Series, Bagshaw Cavern voucher for £50 (Jessops)
Delegate Ballot for Best Photo Winner Rob Eavis Curtain in Upper Flood voucher for £50 (Jessops)
Premier Trophy Winner Rob Eavis portfolio of five colour prints an engraved trophy to keep for the year, a limited edition print (The Creative Edge), dry bag (Bernies) and voucher for £50 (Total Access)

British Cave Research Association (UK registered charity 267828) and British Caving Association.
The Old Methodist Chapel, Great Hucklow, BUXTON, SK17 8RG
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